Maintenance manager

Maintenance manager, 300,000 square-foot Tier l automotive supplier of welded and metal stamped components, Western suburbs of Cleveland Ohio


 Job Description Department :Maintenance
Job Title: Maintenance Manager
  reports to: Plant Manager



 Supervise all the preventive and corrective maintenance activities of all the tools, equipment’s and infrastructures;

 Plan all the inspections and implement predictive maintenance of all tools and equipment’s to assure the best Equipment availability;

 Establish repair and maintenance scheduling priorities in order to meet production deadlines;

 Assure the accurate identification and preservation of costumer propriety (tools and equipment’s);

 Assure the compliance with all legal requirements for all tools, equipment’s and infrastructures;

 Assure that all members of maintenance team are trained according legal, external and internal requirements;

 Participate in purchasing decision and in the reception of new equipment’s in order to assure: list of spare parts, electrical schematics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, connected to the facilities plan;

 Assure all the maintenance activities suggested by the equipment’s and tools providers;

 Spread internally the training received by the equipment’s supplier;

 Participate in the creation of specification equipment book;

 Assure as maximum as possible a standardization of equipment and spares used in the Unit to reduce the complexity of inventories, to define the best solutions in terms of liability and cost;

 Assure minimum stocks of spare parts;

 Maintain updated the Business Unit layouts and all the utilities, like water, gas, etc.;

 Review, develop and support new ideas, plans and procedures to continuously improve maintenance performed on plant and machinery;

 Manage all maintenance cost, assuring the respective Forecast;

 Assure all safety procedures are followed during maintenance activities;

 Main responsible to act and decide in case of emergency situation with machine, equipment or infrastructures by creating and keeping the key-equipment back-up plans;

 Liaison with outside contractors as necessary and ensure the timely completion of maintenance projects;

 Responsible to assure that infrastructures are in good conditions and respect all legal requirements;

 Organize and maintain a filing data system about equipment’s, tools and infrastructures;

 Assure that Maintenance Engineering focus is: preventive maintenance plans effectiveness; optimization of equipment´s availability; fast implementation of process improvements; new equipment´s/tools standard definition.


 General

High level of leadership, teamwork and management skills;

– IT Knowledge in terms of Word, Excel, Internet e Electronic Mail.

 Specific

Knowledge in reading, interpreting technical draws, Knowledge in Preventive, Corrective and Predictive Maintenance;