Financial Partnering

Sterling Professional Search provides Financial Partnering services for those
Clients who need to fill a critical management position.  Our process is
always confidential and discreet.  By choosing financial partnering the
Client receives the following services:

  • Allows the recruiter to conduct a thorough search using dedicated people and resources.
  • Allows the recruiter to enlist additional services to enhance search results.
  • Recruiter will dedicate time and resources to your specific hiring needs.
  • Extends the normal guarantee time of satisfaction with the chosen candidate from 90 days to 180 days.
  • Creates a stronger working relationship between the Client and Sterling Professional Search.
  • When an executive search person explains to their candidate that they are retained, it adds prestige and credence to the search both on behalf of the client and the recruiter causing a more open, serious relationship for all involved.
  • Meet with managers to investigate and understand a company’s culture.
  • Develop a presentation on Client company and the person that the
    Candidate will end up reporting to.
  • Set up a hiring process which all parties agree to.
  • Sterling Professional Search, in concert with the Client, will execute a
    full background check, professional references, credit check, degree
    verification and interviewing reports.
  • Sterling Professional Search will use various databases, in-house
    research personnel and our vast network of research resources to assemble
    a target lit of sources to surface best in class Candidates.
  • Personal face to face interviews will be conducted with all submitted